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Solar Energy in India from SunPower

For over 25 years, SunPower has provided the most efficient and most reliable solar products available on the market. Our ground-breaking technology has positioned us as market leaders in the industry, with our products setting new standards for solar.
Indian clients can rest assured that our products are designed to generate clean, reliable energy on a daily basis and deliver the highest performance for years to come. Our proven solutions, backed by some of the most experienced solar experts in the world, offer a winning formula for any of our Indian clients’ PV needs.

SunPower aims to deliver the best possible technology and become a valued partner in the growth of the PV business in India.

Telecom off-grid solar application

SunPower Off-Grid Solutions

SunPower offers a wide range of off-grid applications for telecommunication and mining companies, fully solar and/or hybrid (solar/diesel). More >

Solar trackers C7

SunPower Oasis C7

Combines SunPower single-axis tracker with rows of parabolic mirrors that reflect light onto solar cells receivers, concentrating the sun's energy by 7 times. Considered a game changer for its ability to deliver a lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE) in regions with high irradiation, the Oasis C7 is currently under deployment in the United States. More >

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Clover Solar, Taluka Baramati, Maharasthra, India

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Clover Solar delivers exceptional results in challenging environment thanks to SunPower technology

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